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  • Unit Volume - 5ml / vial
  • Unit Packing - 10 vials / pack

CS LAB V-LINE Solution

“New Formulation for Triple Skin-care”

V-LINE SOLUTION safely melts the fat layer of the faces and improves the face contour lines.

V-LINE SOLUTION is based on phosphatidylcholine (PPC) and Glutathione ingredient and regenerates damaged skin and brightens skin tone. VLINE is a blending component that increases the activity of skin cells, and has an excellent effect on wrinkle removal and prevention. It is a biomaterial through peptide bond of amino acid and promotes elasticity and cosmetic effect such as moisturizing.


V-LINE SOLUTION treatment offers good effects towards facial contouring and skin whitening;

²  Rapidly dissolves facial fat layer to improve slim face line

²  Supplies nutrients and moisture to collagen and prevents collagen reduction, thereby relieving skin aging.

²  High-purity Acetylhexapeptide improves skin elasticity on the skin after PPC fat layer decomposition, thereby relieving wrinkles and improving essential skin aging

²  Improved whitening and moisturizing function



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