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  • Unit Volume - 3ml / vial
  • Unit Packing - 5 vials / box


Next Skin-Solution Therapy


ROSEON is an ampoule solution that recovers the skin liveliness as a high quality product that serve more than 50 active ingredients including Hyaluronate Na, DNA, Glutathione and Vitamins.

ROSEON solution treatment will change your skin with a shiny rosy color.


ROSEON does not use any artificial dyes but Vitamin B12 with reddish color is contained on it, which makes a rough skin soft by assisting the synthesis of nucleic acids and amino acids as well as makes our skin healthy.


ROSEON solution treatment is recommended five (5) times during three (3) months.

(1st to 3rd - 1~2 week interval; 4~5th - about one (1) month interval)



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