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  • e.p.t.q Filler
  • Unit Volume - 1.1ml / syringe
  • Unit Packing - 1 syringe / pack

e.p.t.q. Filler

“New HA Filler for women’s exquisite beauty detail

The hyaluronic acid filler e.p.t.q. produced according to technology and process ofJETEMA R&D center promises an exquisite and safe quality. 


The e.p.t.q. filler produced according to“The 9 Process” promises an exquisite product that meets safety standards.

1.     Safety of raw ingredients managed in exclusive lines

2.     High purity HA content for duration and prevention of swelling

3.     High viscoelastic for lift

4.     Homogeneous particle implementation technology to complete sophisticated molding

5.     No detection of residual chemical catalyst substance through the complete crosslinking process

6.     Aseptic manufacturing environment to prevent side effects

7.     Less than 0.1 EU/ml of Endotoxin

8.     Minimizes pain with the same pH, osmotic pressure as the human body

9.     Optimized injection pressure for sophisticated procedures


[ZEEP (Zero Endotoxin & BDDE Entire Process) Technology]

e.p.t.q. keeps endotoxin below 0.1 EU/ml and no detection of residual BDDE minimizing various side effects that may occur after the procedure.


[e.p.t.q. Product Information]



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