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  • N-COG Thread Lift
  • Proven Korean PDO thread lift
  • Face lifting & Skin tightening

N-COG Thread Lift

“High-quality Korean PDO Thread Lifting Brand with Proven Clinical Data”


N-COG is an acronym of Newton Cog which prevents wrinkled skin with the equal pull caused by stress dispersion during a procedure. It also cuts down side effects of breaking through skin caused by a mass of short cog, and minimizes inflammatory response by inserting thin cog thread. As a new type of thread with process produced by inserting short two-way process into PDO thread, pressure that the tissue delivers to thread is effectively dispersed because of holding effect of short process, and finally adequate tissue contouring is also possible. 


[Benefits of N-COG]

²  To prevent a phenomenon of wrinkled skin by dispersing gravity force of the tissue which is caught in process

²  Equal pull by dispersing stress

²  To maximize bond between thread and tissue by dispersing both force and stress

²  To form effective force merely with thin thread

²  Applicable to various parts: skin around eyes, wrinkles formed around mouth, marionette lines, etc.

²  No protruding thread through skin as less motion in skin is detected and it is well fixed in the tissue because of a mass of short process

²  To minimize pain and less irritating feeling after procedure compared to other threads with process

²  Simple procedure is available using less number of threads

²  Contouring effect is seen through simple procedure

[N-COG in Mice Test]


N-COG reduces a phenomenon of thread's breaks by force is leaning to one side due to the nature of design of COG thread. Thus, it lessens thread's breaks and precisely contours by dispersing force evenly and widely to whole parts of thread.

[N-FIX, Innovative Thread by Micro Punching Method]


[N-COG Product Information]





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