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  • MONALISA Filler
  • Unit Volume - 1.0 ml / syringe
  • Unit Packing - 1syringe / pack


“HA Filler having excellent volume effects”

MONALISA contains a soft tissue material hyaluronic acid with a local anesthetic lidocaine to lessen pain during an operation. It is aimed at temporary improvement of wrinkles. 

MONALISA Filler's pushrod and handle are designed to enable the user to insert it for an operation with a less effort. The handle design is developed to fit various sizes of hands and prevent slipping.

[Special Features] 

1. Volume Effect and Retention

²  The uniform sized hyaluronic acid particles with optimal viscoelasticity can maintain a long-lasting volume.

2. Safe to Use on Patients

²  MONALISA is safe to use on patients due to low level of endotoxin and essentially no BDDE residue.

3. Easy Procedural Operation

²  The ergonomically-designed rod and grip allow the even distribution of pressure during injection to enable an accurate and safe treatment for both the clinician and the patient.

4. Highly Pure Hyaluronic Acid

²  GENOSS implements a strict quality control system through direct involvement in the entire production process from the base material of hyaluronic acid to the final product.

5. Global Standard Quality Control

²  To guarantee the quality of MONALISA, GENOSS strictly fulfills and complies with the international quality regulations, including KGMP, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.


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