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  • Unit Volume - 2ml / ampoule
  • Unit Packing - 10 ampoules / box


“Placenta Extract (Human), Specialized Biological Product for Skin-Rejuvenation & Anti-aging”


CURACEN is the ethical drug specialized for beauty & cosmetic purpose, because of its high penetration capability into the skin as it consists of the lower molecular weight substances from the human placenta.


CURACEN is made from the collection of placenta raw materials to the manufacturing process, the most demanding the highest degree of security, the implementation of anti-virus, bacteria and other infections, and the implementation of scientific verification and other means.


CURACEN is highly recommended for use in iontophoresis, mesotherapy and other cosmetic dermatology because it has high absorbing ability due to low molecular structure.


[The Effect of CURACEN] 

²  Reduces wrinkles 

²  Rapid moisturizing power to hydrate skin 

²  Skin will appear young and vibrant 

²  Reduces eye-bags 

²  Improve skin dis-colorization 

²  Lightening of facial pigmentation 

²  Refining of facial pores and a glow to your skin 

²  Improves skin elasticity and thickness 

²  Improves skin texture with a more evenly toned color 

²  Eliminates acne 

²  Enhances the development of the breasts 

²  Firming of sagging breasts 




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