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  • Unit Volume - 2ml / ampouile
  • Unit Packing - 10 & 50 ampoules / box


“Placenta Extract (Human), for Skin Rejuvenation & Anti-aging”


MELSMON provides a stimulating effect on cell renewal of the epidermis on the entire body, by promoting the formation of new blood vessels, and nerves, thus leading to healthy looking skin. 


[How to use]

²  It's recommended to take 2 ampules every 2 days (intramuscular) for period of 30 days.

²  The effect of placenta extracts is highly relies on the individual's age and health condition. Effects can be seen as fast as one week in some patients and may take as much as 60 days.


[The Effect of MELSMON]

²  Promotes the rejuvenation of cells and strengthens the function of all internal organs

²  Stimulates the production of blood

²  Regulates the voluntary action

²  Restores the normal function for hormone secretion

²  Enhances the growth for mammary gland and improve lactation

²  Promote the growth in babies

²  Healing of wounds and accelerate the formation of serum

²  Promote circulation of blood




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